Coober Pedy, commonly known as "the opal capital of the world", is a must see destination whilst travelling the Australian outback.

Situated halfway between South Australia's capital - Adelaide, and Alice Springs and Uluru, (Ayers Rock), it is well worth taking the time to visit for a few days to learn of its history and surroundings by visiting opal mines and attractions, as well as marvel at the unique underground lifestyle and culture within this amazing outback town. 

My beautiful and comfortable dugouts "Di's Place" and "Dinky Di's Dugout" gives you an inside view of how locals live whilst you enjoy everything Coober Pedy has to offer. 

Sunrise on the Dog Fence
Sunrise on the Dog Fence
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Cut and polished opal
Cut and polished opal

Photo compliments of John & Yokas Opal & Art

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The Breakaways
The Breakaways
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Cut and polished opal
Cut and polished opal

Photo compliments of John & Yokas Opal & Art

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The Dog Fence
The Dog Fence
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Blower at sunset
Blower at sunset
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Stay in underground accommodation while visiting the surrounding geography of Coober Pedy.

Amongst the many attractions is "The Dog Fence" , the longest fence in the world, which separates the dingo's north, from the sheep country south. Enjoy one of our beautiful sunsets over The Breakaways, where Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Red Planet were filmed in the 80's and 90's.  Take a day to tour by 4wd across the Moon Planes and see the beautiful Painted Desert; or maybe jump on a plane tour and fly over the largest cattle station in the world, Anna Creek,

(a Sydney Kidman property) and even further, the birdlife of Lake Eyre; and, not to mention,  take time to look up and see our desert skies at night which are amongst the best in the world. Our remote neighbouring towns of Oodnadatta and William Creek run yearly race, gymkhana and motorbike meetings as well as  the Australian Bronco Branding championships...... And that's just the beginning of things to explore in and around our remarkable town!



  • The Old Timers Mine

  • Umoona Opal Mine & Museum

  • Josephine's Gallery & Kangaroos

  • Toms Working Mine

  • The Big Winch 360 Cinema

  • Town Lookout

  • Cemetary

  • Fayes Underground home

  • Underground Books

  • Opalious

  • Black Opal

  • John & Yokas Opal and Art

  • Fire in the Stone

  • Miners Direct

  • GNK Opal

  • Opal Cave

  • Umoona Opal Mine

  • Toms Working Mine

  • Old Timers Mine

  • The Big Winch                   Lunch and Dinner

  • Johns Pizza Bar                Lunch and Dinner

  • Outback Bar & Grill        Brekky, lunch and Dinner

  • Crystal Cafe                      Brekky and Lunch

  • Unberto's Restaurant      Dinner, underground bar

  • Bakery (CK Confectionary) Breakfast & Lunch

  • Opal Inn Hotel                   Lunch and Dinner

  • RSL - Sunday night          Dinner  

  • Chinese Restaurant          Dinner

  • Stuart Range C. Park       Pizza - Lunch & Dinner

  • Oliver Street (Indian)       Lunch and Dinner

  • The Italian Club                 Fish & Chips Friday night

  • Serbian Church

  • Catholic Church

  • Catacomb Church

  • The Breakaways

  • The Dog Fence

  • The Painted Desert

  • The Moon Plains

Groceries and Fuel
  • IGA Supermarket            8am - 7 pm 

  • Glendambo Roadhouse  8am - 10 pm

  • Pimba Roadhouse            8am - 10pm

  • Omei - Coober pedy fuel 8am - 5pm

  • Oodnadatta Pink Roadhouse

  • William Creek 

  • Lake Eyre

  • William Creek Races & Gymkhana

  • Oodnadatta Races & Gymkhana

  • William Creek Bronco Branding

  • Oodnadatta Bronco Branding

  • Nobel Tours 5-6hr tour- call 0499 500 932

  • Oasis Bus Tours - call 08 86 725169

  • Wrightsair - Tour by air - call  08 86707962

  • Outback Mail Run - Mondays and Thursdays must book ahead - call  08 86725226

  • Follow me Downunder - call 08 87723340

Hire Vehicles

Budget Hire cars available for pick up from airport

Important to pre order

Call  86 725333

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