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coober pedy



Discover and be fascinated by the history of our amazing multi-cultural town and surrounding outback.

Learn about the region's history, mining, geology, landscape, underground lifestyle and culture.


The Opal Festival
Sunset at the Breakaways
Underground Catholic church
Wildflowers in the sandhills
The Breakaways
Lovely lush green bush after rain
Volkswagon on the old Stuart Highway
beautiful opal
geourgeous sturt peas

Taking a tour is the best way to get to know the area and get a feel for how life is now, and was in the past.  Nothing beats local knowledge and our town offers several tours operated by good guides with years of local experience.

You have several choices; Aaron from Nobel Tours offers a great afternoon out at a reasonable price, taking you to a mine as well as visiting the opal fields and dog fence, concluding the day with The magnificent Breakaways.

Or .... you could jump on a bus tour with Oasis tours, or do a tag along tour with  Tours Down under, all of which are enjoyable and informative.

If you wish to go the extra mile, Wright Air offers flights over Coober Pedy's dotted landscape, as well as over Lake Eyre and Anna Creek Station, which is the largest cattle station in the world (an original Sydney Kidman property)

Saturdays , The Mail run do a Painted Desert tour and alternative days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday they are happy to do a custom tour of your choice.

All tours need to be booked in advance.


Allow a day to visit the museums and  learn about Coober Pedy's history, underground lifestyle and culture. You will gain an excellent overview of old and new styles of mining by following the story of opal which was first discovered in this area in 1915 - over 100 years ago. With this discovery came European settlement in search of this elusive stone, and the beginnings of the development of our historical and multi-cultural township.

There are several opal mines and museums within the township all of which are well worth a visit. The Old Timers Mine offers a self guided tour walking you through the past. Umoona Opal mine has a screening twice a day showing how opal was first discovered in Australia and Coober Pedy, and also offers a guided tour. Both have old underground homes to view.

Toms working mine shows how mining is done in the present. Maybe you too will get opal fever and finish the day by fossicking in our local town noodling area and perhaps find your very own opal.


Explore and discover our unique lifestyle as well as browse our beautiful opal shops and displays.

Learn how opal is formed and perhaps buy that personal stone you always dreamed of. 

We have many attractions to explore, including 3 opal mines, lovely underground churches, 360 degree cinema, a kangaroo orphanage, Aboriginal art and artefacts, an underground bookshop, many underground homes, our famous grassless golf course and so much more.



Why not experience mining for yourself.

Check out :

Unearthed Australian Opal Experience Website


Extend your underground living experience by an extra day and enjoy a day trip out to visit and feel the tranquility of the outback.  Pass over the famous Australian Dog Fence (the longest fence in the world, which keeps the dingoes north, while protecting the sheep country south) and continue on to visit the amazing Painted Desert and Lake Eyre.

The Big Winch 360 gives a good overview on Explorers Way as well as speaks to locals who talk of why they have made Coober Pedy their home.

Another option is to jump on "The Mail Run" with the mail man, as he delivers mail to historic outback towns and stations. (This one needs to be booked ahead as it is extremely popular), he does the trip Mondays and Thursdays by 4wd with a capacity of 4 people only. Saturdays they also do a Painted Desert tour and alternative days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday they are happy to do a custom tour of your choice.

Or..... perhaps take a flight with "Wright Air" over The Painted Desert, Anna Creek, (the largest cattle station in the world), other cattle stations & Lake Eyre, which can be done from Coober Pedy or William Creek which is approximately 180kms from here.

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